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Lamour’s core values include being kind to one another, especially Mother nature. For this reason we source materials that are environmentally sustainable and manufactured with a smaller carbon footprint. We are currently using processes that reduce the amount of water wastage, and replacing raw goods with recycled materials.

Our core philosophy is: take less, give more.


At Lamour Inc., fashion and quality are the pillars of our design process. As a vertically integrated company, we operate our own North American warehouse facilities and local offices. Our company also puts extensive time and research into sourcing the top factories and suppliers worldwide in order to deliver the highest quality of fabrics and styles to our consumers. Through years of experience, we have established incomparable relationships with global partners who have the capabilities to manage and produce exceptional, cost-efficient products.


Lamour’s in-house Sourcing Department is dedicated to finding raw materials and finished product that are affordable without ever compromising Quality and performance. On-site and off-site Quality Control is crucial to provide clients a peace of mind that when working with us.


Our reputation for excellence is rooted in our unwavering commitment to quality and innovation. With an in-house quality control lab in Canada, we place quality at the core of everything we do – our Gold Star Quality Control standards are built into each phase of our production cycle. What’s more, we work closely with our global partners and invest significant resources in ensuring a sustainable supply chain, always looking for new ways to better service our customers.


With owned distribution facilities in Canada and the USA as well as a global presence, our customers can rely on superior timing to market of our products and ensure that they are atop of the trends within the apparel marketplace.