Lamour Inc. is a one-stop shop offering complete internal design, sourcing, and
sales/marketing management with long term sales agency partnerships in specialty markets.

Our exceptional global web of resources offers state-of-the-art product development and
manufacturing facilities, which are strategically located to facilitate design and production. This
makes our processes cost-effective all the way from idea to store.

See below as we take you through each stage of our supply chain.

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At Lamour Inc., fashion and quality are the pillars of our design process.

In order to create our top of the line collections of socks, performance wear, hosiery and intimates, we employ a highly skilled and diverse team of in-house designers and pattern makers who draw inspiration from around the globe.


At Lamour Inc., fashion and quality are the pillars of our design process. As a vertically integrated company, we operate our own North American warehouse facilities and local offices. Our company also puts extensive time and research into sourcing the top factories and suppliers worldwide in order to deliver the highest quality of fabrics and styles to our consumers. Through years of experience, we have established incomparable relationships with global partners who have the capabilities to manage and produce exceptional, cost-efficient products.


Each and every one of our facilities performs extensive safety and quality testing and inspections at multiple points in the production process, ensuring that all chemical requirements are met. Not to mention, we have our own in-house quality control lab located in Canada. We want to ensure that our customers can trust in the quality and experience of our products. Beyond quality, our vertically integrated operations allow us to also provide optimal lead times for our products at competitive prices.


With owned distribution facilities in Canada and the USA as well as a global presence, our customers can rely on superior timing to market of our products and ensure that they are atop of the trends within the apparel marketplace.