Family-owned and operated since 1953, Lamour Inc. has earned its reputation as the “Best in
Class” choice for socks, performance wear, hosiery and intimates. In fact, we are among the top
5 global players in base layer active wear, the #1 global seamless manufacturer and one of
Canada’s leading sock manufacturers.

As a one-stop shop, we work innovatively and passionately to deliver outstanding quality and
value to a diversified international customer base. It is our focus on performance fabric
technology and product innovation; investment in manufacturing excellence; speed to market;
and supply chain execution that allows us to build strong and lasting retail partnerships across
multiple channels of trade.

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At Lamour Inc., our mission is to manufacture socks, performance wear, hosiery and intimate collections that are the most innovative, the highest in quality and the most in demand by our retailers’ end consumer including men, women, teenagers and children.

From basic fabrics to advanced anti-microbial and moisture-management systems, our garments are manufactured for comfort, fit, quality, value, and style. Ensuring quality every step of the way, we deliver products that give our retail partners a leading edge in the apparel marketplace.


Our reputation for excellence is rooted in our unwavering commitment to quality and innovation. With an in-house quality control lab in Canada, we place quality at the core of everything we do – our Gold Star Quality Control standards are built into each phase of our production cycle. What’s more, we work closely with our global partners and invest significant resources in ensuring a sustainable supply chain, always looking for new ways to better service our customers.


We have been able to forge our place as the leading socks, performance wear, hosiery and intimates manufacturer in the industry thanks to our culture of innovation and change. Our company strives for continuous improvement through ongoing research and development, seeking new and better ways to improve our operations as well as pursuing new markets and opportunities based on our retail partners’ needs and demands.